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Recovery Technique #1:  Sleep

Recovery Technique #1 is the most important!  SLEEP Sleep is the most underrated and most neglected recovery technique for high performance.   Studies have shown that teenagers need 9-10 hours of quality sleep with the most important sleep times being between 10pm-2am(physical repair) and 
2am-6am(psychological repair).   A study done with the Stanford men’s basketball team where a control group was asked to get at least 10 hours of sleep a night over a 5-7 week period, yielded the following results:  FT % went up by 9%, 3pt FG % was up 9.5%, and sprint times decreased by 5%.  In addition to these results, daytime sleepiness and mood both improved. Here are a few ideas on how to help your kids get better sleep:   Establish a nightly routine (train your brain to know its bedtime), make sure the room is CDQ (cool, dark, and quiet), remove electronics and blue light from the room, be vigilant of your kids schedule and give sleep the importance it deserves!

Recovery Technique #2:  Nutrition

A key point in sports nutrition is understanding the importance of a balanced diet.  Sports supplements and specific strategies to improve performance are only effective when the basic diet is on point.

Therefore it is pointless to stack on creatine shakes and protein bars when the foundations of the pyramid are trembling!

Recovery Technique #2 is an area that when done right, can be a true GAME CHANGER!!  NUTRITION When preparing and performing in your sport, your body has extremely high energy demands!  If you do not feed your body the proper fuel, your performance will suffer tremendously!   Your nutrition is also a key factor to how well you will recover after practice and/or competition.  Incorporating foods that help with inflammation and fatigue can speed up and assist the recovery process!   Fuel for the Win!!

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